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How it works

We believe that Rabbitte.com.au provides a unique online shopping experience which allows our visitors to shop both Australian and American retailers all from the one site.

Rabbitte.com.au is an affiliate based online shopping directory. As such we do not stock or provide our own products or services. All products and services featured on this site are provided by third party retailers based in Australia and the USA.

We're pretty much an online version of your local shopping centre with the main difference being that we also have the infrastructure to enable you to shop with both Australian and American retailers.

Our USA retailers
We have come up with a system which allows our visitors to shop with US based retailers without the usual inconvenience, expensive shipping and brand restrictions that are usually associated with shopping on US websites. We have achieved this with the introduction of two core developments; 1. An alternative international shipping system; 2. A common data feed system which services all of our US retailers.

1. Alternative shipping
We have teamed up with USAMail1.com to offer our visitors who wish to shop with our US retailers a cheaper and more efficient alternative to the international shipping services currently being offered by many of our retailers.

In our opinion, the traditional international shipping methods used by US retailers, along with the associated red tape and politics which US retailers are controlled by is the biggest setback for non-US customers. This alone must cost US retailers millions of dollars per year in lost revenue.

USAMail1.com provides a quick, easy and cost effective solution to these inherent problems and opens up a massive range of products now available to non-US residents. Read about our own past experiences.

UPDATE: Some of our US retailers are now beginning to offer FREE INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING to any country in the world.

2. A common datafeed
retailers provide their products and services to us via a sophisticated data feed system which is maintained and kept up to date by the individual retailers and feature tens of thousands of items along with coupons and recent price drops.

As all of our US retailers provide their products via a common data feed, our visitors can shop multiple US retailers at once while comparing prices, brands and availability.

Our Australian retailers
Our Australian retailers operate on a different system. As no common data feed system is currently available, we link you directly to the individual retailers or their various product categories. If and when an Australian based data feed system similar to the US one becomes available we will integrate it into our system in due course.
















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